Fix File System Dirty Error On Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Are you troubled with file system corruption on your Mac machine? Do you find problem in booting your Mac system and gets error message ‘File system dirty, run fsck‘? Are you frustrated with inability to access your essential data on Mac due to problem with your system boot? You can find here an appropriate solution to get over this issue and then easily boot your PC and access data.

In Mac OS X the HFS and HFS+ file systems includes some guidelines on the basis of which the files in the system hard drive gets stored and accessed. These file system also help operating system to identify the files and directories that you request for and thus you can access any files on Mac very smoothly and quickly. Thus, the file system plays an important role in the efficient running of the Mac OS X. But, sometime Mac file system gets damaged or corrupted due to some reasons which then leads to inaccessibility of data from the hard drive.


There may be an instance when the Mac OS X 10.7 file system is corrupted due to some internal or external reasons and when you try to boot the machine it fails and shows you an error message. The error that appears on the boot screen displays in the format as:
“File system dirty, run FSCK”.

Now to resolve the issue above you can follow some simple steps below:

Run you Mac machine in safe mode and see if the error comes again.

If the error still appears then run Disk Utility that comes free with all Mac system to fix problems in the Mac OS X.

 If Disk Utility also does not work then run FSCK command on command prompt manually in single user mode. The FSCK command checks the consistency of the file and then resolve issue if it can.

However, even after trying all the above methods you cannot get rid of the problem then it is better to format the drive and use a powerful Mac data recovery software that very efficiently and conveniently recovers data from the formatted, deleted or damaged hard drive without any hassle. The tool includes a highly user interactive interface to make any user run and understand the software very easily.


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