How To Perform iMovie Recovery After Application Crashes In Mac Mountain Lion

Lost iMovie data after application crashed

Help me I cannot find my iMovie project. I have a Mountain Lion on which I was working on a project in iMovie. After I finished the project and saved it, just then there appeared a color wheel that stays for about 5 minutes and then the iMovie itself closed. When I reopened the iMovie application the project was gone. I am really feeling very annoyed and irritated. The project took me over 5 hours to make and I urgently need it for my school competition.”

An iMovie app is a part of iLife suite included in the Mac system. The app is an excellent video or image editing program that allow users to efficiently organize huge number of videos. User can create a full project by editing the videos in an iMovie app. But, sometime due to various unfortunate issues the iMovie application crashes and lead users to the project or data loss. The data loss from iMovie may occur due to number of reasons such as upgrading operating system, iMovie inadvertently shutdown, deleting files by mistake, file corrupted due to virus etc.


When there is problem in the iMovie application then it is possible for users to reinstall iMovie individually on the Mac machine. But, when it is needed to recover iMovie data after the application crashes or because of any other issue then user can have two options either from backup file or via third party Mac data recovery software. But, in case if user haven’t used time machine or any other app for data backup then only the recovery tool can help user retrieve lost data.

iMovie Recovery after Application Crashes in Mac Mountain Lion

In order to restore lost or inaccessible iMovie project on Mac Mountain Lion the Mac data recovery tool is very helpful. The software recovers data very quickly and efficiently with its very professional and reliable algorithm. The tool comes with read-only feature to retrieve data 100% original and without any alteration on Mac. It is easily possible for users to run the software without any help with its GUI interface. The software works for all versions of Mac system.


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