Restore Missing RPS Audio File from Unmountable Hard Disk on Macbook Air

Apple MacBook Air is an incredible notebook from Apple that includes many new features to give excellent storage, performance and an optimum coverage. However, user may also face data loss on MacBook Air. User can save all video, audio, pictures, documents and many more files on the MacBook. The RPS is a popular audio file format to be stored in Mac systems. Sometime user may face problem in opening the RPS audio file on MacBook Air.

The RPS file may not open in the Mac system due to either physical problems or logical problems. There are tons of reasons for the missing or corrupted RPS file such as:

  • Hardware malfunction.
  • Virus infecting file system.
  • Software issues.
  • Accidental data deletion or formatting.
  • Human related errors.


There may be an instance when you record an important audio file in RPS format for your office project in your MacBook Air. In the process of recording an event occurred, but still the audio recorded and also timer behaved normal. Then after doing some more task your were to play the audio file but when you tried to play the file an error message occurred as below:
No mountable file system

After the error occurs you cannot access any data from the drive. This error actually means that the MacBook Air volume has become unmountable due to reasons like file system corruption, operating system malfunction etc. Here the simplest method to troubleshoot the issue is to use Disk Utility to check the file integrity. But, if the Utility does not work then manually run FSCK command. Still if the problem persist and you are unable to fix error and restore missing RPS audio from unmountable hard disk then use a powerful Mac data recovery software.

The Mac data recovery tool comes with a fantastic scan technology to restore missing RPS audio from unmountable hard disk. You can also recover any other data from the corrupted or damaged Mac hard disk without much issue. The non-destructive read only feature of the software makes it restore data without causing any damages to the original data. You can also easily use this software with its easy to use interface.


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