Undelete MP4 Files From Kingston USB After A Format Error

I am using my 4G USB drive from years now. Recently I transferred some valuable MP4 files to this USB drive to take it to my home. But, when I connected the drive to my computer system an error message appeared saying ‘the disk drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?’ I cannot even view my data on the drive. Now, is there any way to recover my data and fix the drive error easily?

Today the USB drive or some other external drives are frequently used to transfer data from one place to another in very quick and convenient manner. These drives are of great use to move important data here and there without much problem. However, at times the drive is not detected by PC resulting in inaccessibility of data to users. There might be lots of reasons causing problem with the USB drive and making it inaccessible to users.


Some of the possible error message due to problem in the USB drive are as below:

  • “The USB disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”
  • ‘”The USB drive is not initialized.”
  • “There is no disk in drive F. Insert disk and then try again.”

These errors mainly occurs due to reasons as below:

  • Corruption or crashing in USB drive because of improper usage or mishandling.
  • Sometime the buffers on the system disable the services of external drive.
  • The USB formatted with different file system and gets file system error.
  • Incompatibility between  system and USB drive due to some reason.

Now, in such kind of situation users are suggested not to immediately format the drive, but instead unplug the USB drive and then restart the PC. Then plug in the drive again and check if the drive works or not. If the problem not fixed then use the drive on some other computer system and if that too does not work then better format the drive. If the drive contains very important data the use a professional Mac data recovery software. The tool is greatly designed to prevent data loss to users on the Mac machines.


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